Senin, 17 Agustus 2015

Lowongan Kerja PT. Kewpie Indonesia Cikarang

Lowongan Kerja PT. Kewpie Indonesia Cikarang - Cikarang kali ini menghadirkan informasi lowongan kerja dari PT KEWPIE INDONESIA, guna mengisi karyawan di posisi :


  1. Prepare and making monthly cash flow (actual) and projected cash flow (budget) 
  2. Making analyst report for expense and collection variance (refer to Budget)
  3. Improve and speed up for invoicing process from SO, DO, and deliver invoice to customer without revision or correction
  4. Review credit limit, term of payment, and supporting document for new customer
  5. Routine control and create awareness system to check AR overdue and do billing confirmation or direct visit to customer if there is long overdue of AR.
  6.  Review payment vendors policy with identified invoice receive method and payment.
  7.  Ensure all invoice from vendors was completed by appropriate supporting document and there was no loss of invoice
  8. Establish monthly report of AP aging for all vendors and make analysis for overdue AP over 45 days
  9. Making monthly reconciliation of  cash & bank and compare data between bank account balance  and accounting system balance (accurate)
  10. Reviewing SOP Finance periodically with oversee of financial activity and make initiative if there are risk in financial transaction that are not covered by company financial policy
  11. Supervise staff periodically and review for daily financial problem and make solution and improvement process to resolve the problem


  • Female, 30-38 years old.
  • Graduate degree in finance or accounting (IPK > 3.00)
  • Have experience as Finance SPV/ Asst. Manager >3 years
  • Good understanding in forecasting & developing budget
  • Ability for reporting and time management skill
  • Good analysis and verbal english communication
  • Willing to be located in Cikarang Area

 Jika tertarik dengan lowongan kerja di atas langsung saja anda melamar dengan cara KLIK DISINI.

Kirimkan surat lamaran anda secepatnya ke alamat yang tertera diatas apabila anda merasa cocok dengan pekerjaan diatas, selamat berjuang kami selalu mendoakan anda agar diterima diperusahaan yang anda inginkan. Silahkan anda juga bisa membaca informasi lowongan kerja yang lain di Lowongan Kerja Bank 2015 atau Info Loker 2015 karena mungkin anda membutuhkan informasi tersebut.

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